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In The News
07 October
Call For Papers on the Special Issue – Managing Distributed Safety and Security in a Hyper-Connected World
05 August
Recent article on high reliability management in Issues in Science and Technology
Upcoming Events
10 November
Our Pandemic Future: critical weaknesses In U.S. and international infectious disease surveillance and containment systems, and recommendations for optimizing our defenses
08 December
Machine Learning and Data Science Applications for Physical Assets
15 December
Overview of new CCRM Website and How to Offer Educational Seminars

The Center for Catastrophic Risk Management was founded in 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  We are a global group of researchers from academia, government and industry who have come together to develop pragmatic solutions for the complex, multi-jurisdictional “messy” problems of the twenty-first century.  By identifying and engaging targeted teams whose expertise are uniquely tailored to each challenge, CCRM aims to make the intractable tractable.