2023 Silicon Valley Bank Failure
2023 East Palestine Rail Disaster
2023 Turkey-Syria  Earthquake Mw 7.8
2005-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans
2010-Deepwater Horizon
2010-San Bruno Natural Gas Explosion
2011-Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster
2012-Hurricane Sandy
2015-Aliso Canyon Methane Leak
2017-Oroville Dam Primary Spillway Failure
2018-Camp Fire (California)
Train Derailment Ohio-Railroad Safety
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07 October
Call For Papers on the Special Issue – Managing Distributed Safety and Security in a Hyper-Connected World
05 August
Recent article on high reliability management in Issues in Science and Technology
Upcoming Events
13 December
Ways of knowing: Engineering Practice in the Face of Uncertainty
14 February
Elimination of Fatalities – Case Studies & Examples from the Field

The Center for Catastrophic Risk Management was founded in 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  We are a global group of researchers from academia, government and industry who have come together to develop pragmatic solutions for the complex, multi-jurisdictional “messy” problems of the twenty-first century.  By identifying and engaging targeted teams whose expertise are uniquely tailored to each challenge, CCRM aims to make the intractable tractable.