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Natalia is an award-winning communications strategist, advisor and trainer with a global outlook, multi-sector experience and a focus on crisis, change and reputation management. With a passion for helping people and organizations fulfil their missions and live their dreams, Natalia believes there’s no such thing as “business as usual.” There’s only an unchartered landscape of opportunity – and risk. Known for her ability to dig into the issues from a 30,000-feet-view right to the core to unpack insights and paths to value creation, Natalia quickly zeroes in on the real problem. And the real story. Her sweet spot is facilitating group sessions – with empathy and integrity – where teams reach a tipping point making decisions in high-stakes situations. Natalia is skilled in capturing team wisdom, creating a shared picture, and designing appropriate group processes and participatory environments. Positioning clients as thought leaders with strong and authentic narratives, she equips them with the tools they need to advance their growth agenda and manage their reputation. Natalia's client roster includes global financial services, management consulting, technology, professional services, education, government and regulatory organizations, among many others. She works closely with executives in diverse Canadian and international markets to prepare them for all scenarios of crises and change. Natalia has brought stakeholders to the table to tackle complex conflicts; managed contentious litigation; navigated data breaches; guided through mergers and restructuring; counselled on labour disruptions; interviewed with the media as the companies’ spokesperson in a crisis, and engaged with protesters. Among Natalia's credentials: CMP/Prosci-certified change management practitioner. MBA, crisis communications dissertation, University of Liverpool. MA, Political Science and Media Studies, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. Group facilitation methods certificate, Institute of Cultural Affairs. PR post-graduate certificate, Ryerson University. BA, Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus. A diligent student of crises, Natalia is committed to building resilience in organizations and individuals to manage adversity and change – and to grow and thrive. She comments, publishes and blogs about crisis leadership and reputation management regularly.
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