Alexander Tsesmetsis

Visiting Student Scholar, NTNU



With even the smallest dam comes great responsibility to prioritize safety, minimize risk and never become complacent, recognizing that all man-made structures have a useful service life that must be understood and respected.  Alexander has worked with CCRM on his master’s thesis, focusing a topic on Dam Safety Guidelines and the perspective of Safety-II; the system’s ability to succeed under varying conditions. The time spent with CCRM has provided insight in the importance of solving the right problems. He will present his experiences working with researchers directly involved with dam safety, the process of formulating the problem statement, and findings from the research.

PRESENTERAlexander is a visiting student researcher from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) located in Trondheim, Norway.  Alexander has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from NTNU and is currently pursuing a master’s degree of Science in Safety, Health and Environment. The study emphasizes the combination of engineering knowledge and competence on Safety, Health and Environment. Results are created through the interaction between people, technology and organization. This provides different scientific perspectives and opens up for many future-oriented possibilities.

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