Mr. Ernest Stambouly

Cephas Consulting


This presentation will shows how to utilize SysML and model-based systems engineering (MBSE) standard practices to synthesize interdisciplinary system aspects so that practitioners can systematically conceptualize and study interdependent infrastructures as processes and services.  SysML is a linguistic tool for: Powerful COMMUNICATION across roles/domains/viewpoints; Formal SPECIFICATION (precise, complete and explicit); As an abstract language that enables (a) Full specification prior to committing to costly design and implementation and (b) INTEGRATION across domains at the language level.  With MBSE and SysML you have the ability to use formal notations to build an abstract model of a system, or a system of systems (SoS); Express systemic specifications at an abstract level – domain representation-independent; Bring conversations and communications from multiple disciplines, professions, and viewpoints into a single collaborative space using the same language; Extend the SysML language to map it to expressions of their respective domains of practice  So that you can integrate across one or more domains of practice, analysis methodologies, and systems.

Mr. Stambouly co-founded Cephas Consulting in 2001 to offer counsel in large scale enterprise architecture and model-driven development. He earns premium consulting engagements at top engineering companies – JPL-NASA, Draper Labs, and Rockwell Collins – and Fortune-rated companies – Kaiser Permanente, Travelers, and Siemens. He also co-founded the Wholevision Group in 2009 to lead in high-technology innovation in the areas of environmental engineering and the Digital Oilfield. Mr. Stambouly acts in the roles of business owner and expert consultant in architecture and methodology strategies for producing competitive advantage to businesses designing complex systems in defense, aerospace, digital oilfield and a variety of business sectors. He is a participating member of serious trade organizations such as the IASA, INCOSE, ISA and The OMG – currently contributing to the OCRSMP redefining the OMG’s MDA standard. He leads and participates with groups of practice in fields relevant to his work in order to stay current with the latest thinking, innovations, and standards.


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