Keith Gale
Patrol Director, Pinecrest Ski Patrol


The avalanche world have several organizations involved in avalanche control: Professional Ski Patrollers, Dept. of Transportation and Ski Guides.  These organizations operate in a high risk, high consequence, time sensitive, uncertain domain.  They have to ensure the safety of public.  Yet, their job requires exposure to explosives, unstable terrain, challenging weather conditions and pressure of financial impact based upon their decisions and actions. How does HRO contribute to this domain?

Additionally, the avalanche industry has a much larger problem for which there is no organization nor organizational control: the backcountry recreationalist.  The recreationalist can easily enter the danger zone without sufficient protective measures such as training, equipment and experience. Can HRO be extended from the organization to the nation’s avalanche “system”?


Keith Gale has been the Patrol Director for the Pinecrest Ski Patrol for the past six years, and a volunteer member since 2000.  As a patroller he is recognized as an instructor-trainer for Avalanche and Mountain Travel & Rescue programs.  He is also an Outdoor Emergency Care instructor.  At the administrative level, he is the Regional Avalanche and MTR advisor.  Recently, he was recognized with the Jamieson Award for his influence on the Avalanche and MTR program development.  Finally, he is working with various social scientific disciplines to leverage their knowledge to the avalanche domain to enhance decision-making training and tools.

Professionally, Keith is a member of the STARNet alliance of affiliated experts.  STARNet is a boutique consulting firm specializing in forming innovative partnerships, usually public-private organizational structure.  Keith specializes in technology development, roadmapping and commercialization.


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