Délton Winter de Carvalho, PhD

Law Professor at Undergraduate and Post-Graduation Program at UNISINOS (Brazil)
Environmental Lawyer in Brazil (ranked in Chambers and Partners 2019 Latin America Guide)



There is general consensus that forests play an important role in climate stabilization and carbon sequestration. Most of the Amazon tropical rainforest – one of the biggest carbon sinks in our planet – lies in Brazilian territory. At the same time, however, Brazil is the seventh leading global emitter of greenhouse gases. The aim of this lecture is to discuss some issues regarding forest governance in this major developing country. First, the lecture will describe different sectors of the economy, showing land use change as an important driver of GHG emissions. The historical deforestation figures and future trends in the Amazon are going to be presented, as well as the sources of deforestation. The Brazilian commitments to the Paris Agreement and the country’s NDC – Nationally Determined Contributions – to forest protection and restoration are key factors to understand the legal and economic challenges of dealing with deforestation mainly in the Amazon. After this, the lecture is going to describe the Brazilian Forest Legislation, known as the Forest Code (Law 12.651/12), as an important legal framework to address forest protection and climate change mitigation. Finally, I am going to talk about a few experiences that are being implemented in Brazil to offset the Amazon deforestation, such as the supply-chain initiatives Amazon Soy Moratorium and Beef Agreement, the Juma Project and the forest conservation grant program, Bolsa Floresta.


Founding partner, attorney and legal expert in Environmental Law. Graduate from the Unisinos Law School (2000), Master`s degree (2002) and a Doctorate (2006) in Public Law at the same university. Post-Doctorate in Environmental Law and Disaster from the University of California, Berkeley, USA (2013). Professor of the Post-Graduate Program in Law – PPGDir at Unisinos (at the Master`s and Doctorate levels), coordinator and professor of the specialization course in Environmental Law at Unisinos. Guest lecturer of the specialization course in National and International Environmental Law at UFRGS / IDPV / AJURIS.

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