Safety Management Systems (SMS) have become recognized as important elements in organizational strategies to promote safety and mitigate risk in the operations of hazardous technical systems. In the United States several national regulatory agencies including the Federal Aviation Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have developed model SMS’s and review progress in implementing these in their regulated organizations. In Norway the Norwegian Maritime Authority has required in the implementation of the International Management Code (IMC) for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention. The Petroleum Safety Authority has developed guidelines for the management of offshore petroleum operations that cover planning, decision-making and work processes.

For both countries the effort to address organization and management variables in safety promotion presents challenges. How do organizations go about implementing these systems? What metrics and measures are appropriate for assessing the existence and effectiveness of safety management systems? What is the role of regulators in promoting these systems?  What are the differences and outcomes of prescriptive vs performance based regulatory approaches? These are questions that will be addressed in a workshop with both American and Norwegian analysts, researchers and practitioners. We hope that sharing perspectives on these questions will help each set of participants to learn from one another.


Dr. Rune Storesund, P.E., G.E., CCRM Executive Director (rune@berkeley.edu)



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