Scott Hammesfahr

Cyence Risk Analytics
Product Manager



The Cybersecurity industry is flush, yet new Cyber incidents make headlines daily and regulatory regimes globally are in flux with drastically different perspectives on this complex new challenge. Scott has over a decade of expertise supporting commercial enterprises in the quantification and transfer of such exposures via insurance. He will provide perspective on these challenges and some ideas on areas of research, and looks forward to a lively conversation. Future looking research-related questions within cybersecurity include:

  • Systemic risk quantification
  • Financial institutions risk management
  • Role of insurance broadly
  • How to best impact risk behavior/landscape
  • Use of big data/publicly available data/crowdsourced data
  • Management theory
  • Overcoming anti-fragility

**views represented are Scott’s and do not necessarily represent those of Guidewire Cyence

PRESENTERScott has focused his career on commercial insurance solutions relating to risks associated with professional and technology services, cyber, media, intellectual property. As an underwriter for Zurich insurance, he had a unique view on the inner workings of risk management and finance for the largest tech and healthcare companies in the western region. In 2016, Scott joined Cyence, a startup that evaluates cyber risk for insurers. Their key technology is an engine that collects cyber exposure data at scale across the internet, correlates it to particular companies, and models risk at the individual company level and across companies (‘cyber fault lines’ in today’s digital economy). To support insurers resiliency, Scott led the development of scenario reporting requirements for Lloyd’s insurers. The public version of this was an Emerging Risk Report called “Counting the Costs: Cyber Risk Decoded.” Subsequently, he worked with AM Best, the rating agency focused on insurer solvency, to model potential cyber losses for particular insurers. Scott has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!)

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