Dr. Emery Roe, UC Berkeley


Very few doubt that cyber attacks are real and that they pose potential disaster scenarios. This is because cyber attacks take place in already interconnected infrastructures, not least of which are electricity grids and telecommunications. However, such scenarios are frequently under the domain of experts in IT and homeland security preoccupied with design and technology. Few of these experts have first-hand, real-time experience in how these critical infrastructures are actually managed as systems that do prevent cascading failures from happening. This in turn raises a broader issue: Do we really face all or even most of the disaster scenarios such experts say society faces? This presentation provides a framework to address such questions and issues.

Dr. Roe has published articles and books related to the provision of service quality, reliability, sustainability and resiliency in the water and electricity sectors including a book on water and flood schemes in the Florida Everglades, Columbia River Basin and California’s Bay-Delta region. His book, High Reliability Management (with Paul Schulman) Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press (2008) sets out the findings and frameworks from an ongoing longitudinal study on the high reliability management of one of the world’s most complex electric grids, that for California.


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