The Center for Catastrophic Risk Management (CCRM) is a group of academic researchers and practitioners who recognize the need for transdisciplinary solutions to avoid and mitigate tragic events. This group of internationally recognized experts in the fields of engineering, social science, medicine, public health, public policy, and law was formed following the tragic consequences of Hurricane Katrina to formulate ways for researchers and experts to share their lifesaving knowledge and experience with industry and government.

Our work focuses on fundamental research through empirical data. It is impossible to study these problems in a ‘lab.’ Collection of empirical data also facilitates validation of research findings in actual Socio-Technical systems.

Asking hard questions

that individual organizations may not ask themselves

Seeing larger systemic

contexts of organizational problems and laying the groundwork for intra- and inter-organizational collaborations

Applying experience

Minimizing the urge to simplify by looking for solutions that do not misrepresent the difficulty and complexity of organizational challenges and objectives

Improving problem

We found in many cases formulating the problem is the most challenging aspect, which CCRM addresses by bringing different perspectives so as to prevent the neglect of a critical perspective.

Research Areas

  • High Reliability Organizations
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Risk Reduction Quantification
  • Crisis Preparedness & Crisis Management
  • Uncertainty Mangement
  • Socio-Technical Systems
  • Critical Infrastructure Systems
Center for Catastrophic Risk Management

University of Califronia, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720

Center for Catastrophic Risk Management (CCRM) is located with the Social Science Matrix (SSM) on the eighth floor of Barrows Hall, on the southern edge of the UC Berkeley campus. The elevator to our entrance is located on the east end of the building. You can alternately take an elevator to the seventh floor and come up the stairs.