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GIS Maps and Online Data



Geographic Information Systems have long been recognized as key to disaster management at all levels: hazard assessment, vulnerability assessment, real-time asset dispatch, rapid damage assessment and recovery planning.

In RESIN, GIS is used to assess infrastructure resilience and sustainability from social, organizational, engineering and environmental perspectives. With such multiple disciplines at its core, RESIN Geographic Information System technology must support a wide range of users: data developers, program managers, researchers (both GIS-savvy and non-technical), students and the general public.

Technologically, this is being accomplished with the construction of a GIS digital library based upon both open-source technologies and proprietary ESRI software. Key is a Postgres/PostGIS database server that supports ESRI’s Spatial Data Engine (SDE) and ArcGIS Server, and open GIS server technologies, such as the University of Minnesota mapserver, OpenLayers and others. Clients of all sorts are supported: ArcMap, Google Earth, and Web browsers. Numerous metadata search functions (e.g., search by keyword and category) are supported and more advanced Geographic Information Retrieval services are under development.

RESIN has obtained over 2,500 data layers to-date, some are proprietary and some of which can be accessed via the project’s GIS servers, see

Periodically, we produce high-quality map graphics; please see the following links.




Cartography by RESIN

Cartography by Delta Initiative




For more RESIN GIS information and resources, please see:


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