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RESIN Document Library Search selected Delta studies, including the DRMS documents, white papers, risk and HRO papers, et cetera.

Background Literature

Conceptual Models

CALFED Delta Regional Ecosystem Restoration Models

"Delta Foodweb Conceptual Model" John Durand, University of California at Davis. October 2008.

"Reparian Vegetation". Alexander Fremier, University of Idaho and
Eric M. Ginney, Philip Williams and Associates, Ltd., with others. October 2008.

"Tidal Marsh". Ronald T. Kneib, University of Georgia Marine Institute. October 2008.

"The Application of Conceptual Models to Ecosystem Restoration". J. Craig Fischenich. February 2008.

"Restoration of Delta Streams: A Case History and Conceptual Model".
K. Jack Killgore, Jan Jeffrey Hoover, Catherine E. Murphy, Kent D. Parrish, David R. Johnson, and Karen F. Myers. February 2008.

"Fish Habitat Linkages". Matt Nobriga, CALFED Science Program. January 2008.

"Floodplain". Jeff Opperman, The Nature Conservancy. January 2008.

"Sedimentation". David Schoellhamer, U.S. Geological Survey, with others. November 2007.

"Availability of an ArcGIS Wetland Restoration Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) Tool". Jeff P. Lin and Barbara A. Kleiss. September 2007.

"Creating a Wetland Restoration Decision Support System Using GIS Tools".
Jeff P. Lin, Scott G. Bourne, and Barbara A. Kleiss. September 2006.

"Conceptual Models to Support Environmental Planning and Operations". Jim E. Henderson and L. Jean O’Neil. September 2004.

"A Framework for Risk Analysis in Ecological Restoration Projects". R.M. Thom and H.L. Diefenderfer, Battelle Marine Sciences Laboratory with K.D. Hofseth, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. May 2004.

"Situation Analysis: Using Conceptual Models to Develop a Common Understanding of Your Project". RESIN powerpoint presentation based on materials initially developed by Foundations of Success and The Nature Conservancy. December 2002.

"Linking Biological Models and Spatial Descriptions of Environmental Complexity with Coupled Models". EMRRP. July 2000.

"Guidelines for Ecological Risk Assessment". U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. May 1998.

"A Conceptual Framework for the Evaluation of Coastal Habitats". Gary L. Ray, Environmental Laboratory. February 1994.


"The San Francisco Bay-Delta: A Failure of Decision-Making Capacity". Michael Hanemann, University of California at Berkeley and Caitlin Dyckman, Clemson University. May 2009.

"Climate and Floods Still Govern California Levee Breaks".
J. L. Florsheim and M. D. Dettinger. November 2007.

"A California Challenge--Flooding in the Central Valley: A Report from an Independent Review Panel to the Department of Water Resources". The State of California. October 2007.

"Lower Sherman Island Wildlife Area Land Management Plan". California Department of Fish and Game. April 2007.

"Early Reclamation and Abandonment of the Central Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta". John Thompson. 2006.

"Battling the inland sea: floods, public policy, and the Sacramento Valley". Robert Kelley. 1989.



Human and Organizational Factors in Reliability Assessment and Management of Offshore Structures”. Robert G. Bea. 2002.

"Development of a Safety Management Assessment System for the International Safety Management Code". P. S. Szwed and R. G. Bea. Circa 2000.

"Safety Management Assessment System (SMAS): A Process for
Identifying and Evaluating Human and Organization Factors in Marine
System Operations with Field Test Results
". D.D. Hee, B.D. Pickrell, R.G. Bea, K.H. Roberts, R.B. Williamson. November 1998.

"Safety Management Assessment System (SMAS): A Process for Identifying and Evaluating Human and Organization Factors in Marine Systems". Derek Douglas Hee. Fall 1997.

"Assessment of Human and Organizational Factors in Operations of Marine Terminals and Offshore Platforms". Brant D. Pickrell and Robert Bea. May 1997.

"Safety Management Assessment System Data Management Tool User’s Guide". Brant D. Pickrell. May 1997.


Sherman Island 5-Year Plan

"Reclamation District 341 Sherman Island Five Year Plan SH 08-3.0". James C. Hanson. May 2009

"Attachment A: Requirements for the Five-Year Plan".

Appendix B:
Figure 1

Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7
Technical Data Available

Appendix C:
Figure 1
Level of Protection Provided by Existing Levee System

Appendix D:
Figure 1
Potential Waterside Slope Instability Areas

Appendix E:
Figure 1
Electromagnetic Anomolies

Appendix F:
Figure 1
Visual Surveys

Appendix G:
Index of Available Technical Reports

Appendix H:
Emergency Response and Evacuation Plan
Map of Evacuation Route

Appendix I:
Levee Log

Appendix J:
Subsided Island Restoration Plan

Appendix K:
Figure 1

Appendix L:
Figure 1
Pump Test Reports

Exhibit B Five Year Plan



"The Infrastructure Roundtables: Seeking Solutions to an American Crisis". ASCE Special Report. April 2010.
Part 1
Part 2

"California's Sinking Delta". Christian Science Monitor. December 2009.

"Levee Decisions and Sustainability for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta".
Robyn Suddeth, Jeff Mount, Jay Lund. July 2009.

"Before the Flood: Misperceptions of Flood Risk in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta". Jessica Ludy. Spring 2009.

"Policy Implications of Permanently Flooded Islands in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta". Robyn Suddeth. 2009.



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