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The Center for Catastrophic Risk Management (CCRM) is a group of academic researchers and practitioners who recognize the need for interdisciplinary solutions to avoid and mitigate tragic events.  This group of internationally recognized experts in the fields of engineering, social science, medicine, public health, public policy, and law was formed following the mismanagement and tragic consequences of Hurricane Katrina to formulate ways for researchers and experts to share their lifesaving knowledge and experience with industry and government.

CCRM members and affiliates present seminars, perform analyses, and do focused research to assist industries and organizations to implement their own improvements in safety, economy, and efficiency.  Greater competence and increased capacity to manage human error and natural events benefit the practitioner and the public as well as the bottom line. 

CCRM’s international membership provides experience across cultures and industries that demonstrate widespread susceptibility to pervasive threats and the inadequacy of popular, checklist-based remedies that are unlikely to serve in the face of truly challenging problems.  CCRM members’ and affiliates’ recent accomplishments, ranging from Captain Sully Sullenberger’s performance in crisis to several best selling texts on high reliability leadership and problem solving, support the relevance and effectiveness of these approaches. 


What is HRO?

This Powerpoint presentation, prepared by Professor Karlene Roberts of CCRM, illustrates what High Reliability Organization means and why it is important.


Workshops and Seminars 

CCRM affiliates offer specialized workshops to executives and long range planners on safety, problem solving, personnel selection and assignment, disaster planning, business continuation, high reliability organization (HRO) theory, riparian law, insider threats, and environmental protection.  Faculty presenters include government regulators (DOE, FAA), accident investigators (NTSB), military special operations personnel, and collaborative teams of engineers and social scientists.


Research Opportunities 

CCRM faculty and staff have extensive experience conducting government and privately sponsored research.  CCRM investigators can partner with industry and institutional personnel to benchmark effective performance or to conduct evidence based evaluations of existing and evolving practices.


Industry Relationships 

CCRM has conducted tailored programs and workshops to meet the specific needs of international petroleum, nuclear power, and IT firms.   CCRM faculty consult with industries and government agencies around the world on issues relating to safety, strategic planning, accident mitigation, and environmental protection.  


Ongoing Research 

CCRM faculty are conducting research on complex problems of risk assessment, crisis management, organizational safety, control room management, and natural threats to urban and rural populations.  They are also initiating efforts to better evaluate the efficacy of practical and theoretical improvements to industries operating in inherently dangerous contexts.


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