Deepwater Horizon Study Group

DHSG Members


The DHSG currently is comprised of 55 experienced professionals, experts, and scholars in the fields of offshore drilling and operations, organizational management, governmental regulatory affairs, system safety and reliability, risk assessment and management, fire and explosion investigation, marine accident investigations, environmental science and affairs, and law among other areas of expertise.

A number of DHSG members have requested their names not be cited. The DHSG would like to express its gratitude to all of its members (named and unnamed), collaborators and supporters for their contributions to this important work.

The following DHSG members have approved publication of their names and affiliations:


Dan Albers, Petroleum Engineer, Dan Albers & Associates, Inc.

Thomas Azwell, PhD student, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, UC Berkeley

Robert G. Bea, PhD, P.E.  Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley

Florian Buchler, LL.M. Attorney at Law (Germany), Tulane University, Buchler & Co.  or

James Delery,

Yngvar Duesund Special Advisor at CITRIS, UC Berkeley or

Lillian M. Espinoza-Gala,, WWL-TV, Daily Review

Howard Foster, PhD, UC Berkeley

Bob, Gramling, PhD, Professor of Sociology, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Ove T. Gudmestad, PhD, Professor of Marine Technology, University of Stavanger

Anthony Hare, PsyD,   UC Berkeley or

Andrew Hopkins, PhD, Professor of Sociology, Australian National University

Kofi Inkabi, PhD, Post Doctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley  or

Jahon Khorsandi, Jr. Specialist, UC Berkeley

Trevor Kletz, PhD, UK Reliability Society

Peter W. Marshall, PhD, Retired Shell Oil; Proprietor, MHP Systems Engineering; LRET Professor; NUS Center for Offshore Research & Engineering

Scott Nicholson, PhD student, Engineering Policy Analysis & Environmental Planning, UC Berkeley

Karlene Roberts, PhD, Professor at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Emery Roe, PhD, Research Associate, CCRM, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

David Rosenberg , P.E. Graduate Student, Engineering University of New Orleans

Jon Espen Skogdalen, PhD, Research fellow, University of Stavanger, Norway

Eric Smith, PhD, Professor of Business & Finance, Tulane University

Liz Taylor, President of DOER Marine

Ingrid B. Utne, PhD, Professor (Qualification Fellowship) of Marine Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Jan-Erik Vinnem, PhD, Professor II, Offshore Risk Management, University of Stavanger, Norway