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2011: Stanford University Press: High Reliability Series. High Reliability and Crisis Management (HRCM) is an innovative new book series that will bring together established and emerging voices to generate a dialogue around these closely related and increasingly relevant topics. Read more...


2010: Designing Resilience: Preparedness for Extreme Events. Louise K. Comfort, Arjen Boin, and Chris Demchak, eds. (University of Pittsburgh Press, June, In Press.)



2009: The Dynamics of Disaster Recovery: Resilience and Entropy in Hurricane Response Systems, 2005-2008. Louise K. Comfort, Namkyung Oh, and Gunes Ertan. (Public Organizations Review. DOI 10.1007/s11115-009-0098-3.)

2009: Adaptation Planning and Climate Impact Assessments: Learning from NEPA’s Flaws.  Daniel A. Farber.

2009: The Catastrophe We Can Prevent: The Near Earth Object Problem. Karlene Roberts.

2009:  Climate Models: A Users Guide.  Daniel Farber.

2009: Designing Adaptive Systems for Disaster Mitigation and Response: The Role of Structure. Luise K. Comfort, Namkyung Oh, Gunes Ertan, and Steve Scheinert, University of Pittsburgh.

2009: The Dynamics of Disaster Recovery: Resilience and Entropy in Hurricane Response Systems, 2005-2008. Luise K. Comfort, Namkyung Oh and Gunes Ertan, University of Pittsburgh.

2009: Employing Adaptive Structuring as Cognitive Decision Aid in High Reliability Organizations.  Karlene Roberts, Kuo Frank Yu, Vinit Desai, Peter Madsen.  (The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Decision Making, Oxford University Press. G.P. Hodgkinson & W. Starbuck, Eds.)

2009: H1N1 Planning:  Know What to Do About the Flu. Jennifer Lachance. (American Red Cross Disaster Readiness Summit, October 13, 2009. San Francisco, CA.)

2009: Making the Case for Pandemic Flu Preparedness: Lessons Learned. Jennifer Lachance. (Disaster Recovery Journal Fall World 2009, San Diego, CA.)

2009: Preliminary Models of the Probability of Implication.  Ian Mitroff.

2009: Preparing for Fall 2009: H1N1 Pandemic Flu Preparedness. Jennifer Lachance. ( Business Recovery Managers Association Meeting, August 27, 2009, San Francisco, CA.)

2009: Preventing Transboundary Crisis: The Management and Regualtion of Setbacks. Emery Roe, California State University East Bay.

2009: 7+ Things to Know About High Reliability Management. Emery Roe (Keynote speech given at the ANZSOG Annual Conference 2009, Canberra AU, September 4 2009.)

2009:  Reinventing Flood Control.  Daniel Farber, Robert G. Bea, Karlene Roberts, Edward Wenk, Kofi Inkabi.  (Tulane Law Review.)



2008: Changing a Pediatric Sub-Acute Facility to Increase Safety and Reliability.  Daved W. van Stralen, Racquel C. Calderon, Jeff F. Lewis, Karlene Roberts.  (Patient Safety and Health Care Management, Advances in Health Care Management, Volume 7.  Emerald Publishing Group Ltd.)

2008: High Reliability Management. Emery Roe, co-author with Paul R. Schulman. (Stanford University Press)

2008: High Reliability Organizations: Changing the Culture of Care in Two Medical Units. Daved van Stralen. (MIT Design Issues, Vol 24 No 1.)

2008: Managing the Unpredictable. Robert Bea (Mechanical Engineering, March 2008.)

2008: Rethinking Cost-Benefit Analysis.  Daniel A. Farber. (Rethinking Cost-Benefit Analysis Can Better Protect the Environment and Our Health.  Oxford University Press.)

2008: Six Years of HRO-Literature Reviewed.  (Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management. Blackwell Publishing Ltd., Oxford, UK.)

2008: A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America: Ten Years Later.  Ian I. Mitroff, Elizabeth Denton, Can Murat Alpaslan.



2007: Disaster Law and Inequality.  Daniel A. Farber. (Law and Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice. 25:2 297-291.)

2007: The French Connection: France's Wildland Fire Service Finds Success Through High Reliability Concepts. Daved van Stralen and Gary Provansal. (Wildland Firefighter.)

2007: Modeling Fire in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Directions for Planning.  John Radke.  (Advances in the Economics of Environmental Resources, Volume 6.)

2007: Reinventing Flood Control. Daniel A. Farber Robert G. Bea, Karlene Roberts, Edward Wenk, and Kofi Inkabi. (Tulane Law Review 81:4 1085-1127.)

2007: Viscous and Gravitational Contributions to Mixing During Vertical Brine Transport in Water Saturated Porous Media.  Tracey C. Flowers, James R. Hunt.  (Water Resources Research, Vol. 43.)



2006: Approaches to Achieve Adequate Quality and Reliability. Robert Bea. (UCB Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering papers.)

2006: Disasters and the Law: Katrina and Beyond.  Daniel A. Farber and Jim Chen. (St. Paul, Minnesota. West Publishing Co.)

2006: Economic Impacts of Delta Levee Failure Due to Climate Change: A Scenario Analysis. Sebastian Vicuna, Michael Hanemann and Larry Dale. (A Report from the California Climate Change Center.)

2006: An Instrument of Risk Management and the Law. Robert Bea. (UCB Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering papers.)

2006: Investigation of the Performance of the New Orleans Flood Protection Systems in Hurrican Katrina on August 29, 2005. Raymond Seed, Robert Bea and their team of 30 researchers. (National Science Foundation, 350-page report. )

2006: Learning from Failures: Lessons from theRecent History of Failures of Engineered Systems. Robert Bea. (UCB Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering papers.)

2006: Mitigating Hazards Through Continuing Design: The Birth and Evolution of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Peter Madsen, Vinit M. Desai, Karlene H. Roberts and Daniel Wong. (Organizational Science, Vol. 00, No. 0, pp. 1-10.)

2006: Target Reliabilities for Engineering: A Primer. Robert Bea. (UCB Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering papers.)



2005: Tracing Long-Term Vadose Zone Processes at the Nevada Test Site, USA.  James R. Hunt, Andrew F. B. Tompson.  (Hydrological Processes, 19.)

2005: The Space Between in Space Transportation: A Relational Analysis of the Failure of STS107. Karlene H. Roberts, Peter Madsen and Vinit M. Desai. (Organization at the Limit: NASA and the Columbia Disaster, Ed. by M. Farjoun and W. Starbuck.)

2005: Why Some Companies Emerge Stronger and Better From a Crisis. Ian Mitroff. (AMACOM, New York.)



2003: Reconstructing Tritium Exposure Using Tree Rings at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, California.  Adam H. Love, James P. Hunt, John P. Knezovich.  (Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 37 No. 19.)



2002: Coupled Processes in Rock Mass Performance with the Emphasis on Nuclear Waste Isolation.  J.L. Yow and J.R. Hunt (International Journal of Rock Mechanisms and Mining Sciences, Vol. 39.)



2000?: The Incident Command System: High Reliability Organizing for Complex and Volatile Task Environments. Gregory A. Bigley, Karlene H. Roberts. (Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 44, pp. 1281-1300.)



1993: Collective Mind in Organizations: Heedful Interrelating on Flight Decks. (Cornell University.)