CCRM Affiliated Organizations

Affiliated Organizations


Center for Disaster Management, University of Pittsburgh


École des Mines de Paris
Industrial Safety Chair: 
Resilience Engineering:


Independent Levee Investigation Team, New Orleans Systems Appendix H: Coping with Mother Nature, Human Nature and Technology's Unintended Consequences. (Authored by Edward Wenk, Jr.. 2006.)


Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


RESIN, UC Berkeley's research group on Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Networks:


HRO logo The San Bernadino High Reliability Organizing Group


Stanford University Press: High Reliability Series


US Army Corp of Engineers Flood Risk Analysis
USACE IPET (Interagency Performance Evaluation Taskforce):
USACE LAPCR (Louisiana Coastal Protection & Restoration): 
USACE New Orleans Flood Risk: 
USACE Hurricane Protection Decision Chronology:
USACE New Orleans District background
USACE Research and Development Center (risk analysis background
USACE publications relating to risk analysis (levees, dams, see
attached levee reliablity doc):
USACE recent summary Presidential Commission on Risk analysis:

USACE Risk Analysis for Water Resources Investment Research Program Report: Evaluating the Reliability of Existing Levees. (Authored by Tomas F. Wolff and Assistants, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Michigan State University. 2006.)

USACE Report: Risk Informed Decision Process. (Authored by David A. Moser, Chief Economist, US Army Corps of Engineers. 2006.)


USDA Forest Service, Fire Aviation and Management


University of California District of Columbia (UCDC)
Contact: Bruce E. Cain
Executive Director, UC Washington Center
Heller Professor of Political Science
(202) 974-6200


University of California Law Library, Disasters and the Law


University of California School of Law, Disaster Law


Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center, Tuscon, Arizona